"Sharing the red carpet with celebrities can be intimidating even with the most confident business woman.  Dianna was so calm and caring.  Smiling at me with thoughtful eyes and encouraging me to feel good as I finally was settling into my day.  When my business partner came in to check on me mid-makeup she exclaimed "I've never seen your eyes look so beautiful!"  She used non-toxic & cruelty free products and distracted me from the chaos around as she expertly applied and sculpted me into a fresh and beautiful version of myself.  I believe her skills as a makeup artist is clear, but her calmness assured me and helped me move gracefully into that space.  When I look at the images of myself from that day, I am so thankful for Dianna and her talents both with the makeup brush and within her sweet soul.  A fabulous combination. Thank you Dianna."

-Alisa Donner/ Co-founder of PAM (Pregnancy Awareness Month)


"It was a pleasure to have Dianna on our team for the first Teens Turning Green event in Los Angeles.  She does great work with a holistic focus and used all non-toxic & cruelty free makeup to introduce our Summit attendees to eco beauty.  Thanks for helping heal the world Dianna!"

-Judi Shils/ Founder/Director (Teens Turning Green)


"I had the pleasure of being painted by Dianna Esteves Vieira for the West Hollywood Magazine shoot that me and Miss Kisses were featured in for their S/S 2015 issue. She was such a delight to work with!  I also love the fact that all of her makeup is cruelty free and not tested on innocent animals! Never have I experienced that before. The photos turned out gorgeous! Thanks Dianna!"

-KittenKay Sera/ Actress•TV Personality•Recording Artist/ The Pink Lady of Hollywood 


"Dianna was a pleasure to work with.  We first met at the extremely pink home of KittenKay Sera, who had a distinct idea of what her makeup should be.  Dianna was able to edge her out of her comfort zone and the result was beautiful for all."

-Matthew Morgan/Creative Director (West Hollywood Magazine)